Help Wanted

Take a moment and dream with me.  Wanted at every college in the country…

Help Wanted: Vice President for Violence Prevention

Vice President for Violence Prevention: This school, like all others, has kept barriers to reporting sexual assault in place so that we can report zero (or a “few”) assaults. Therefore sexual assault and relationship violence exist on an epidemic level on this campus. Previously prevention efforts were “slotted-into” a low-level on the institutional priority list. As this institution thus needs to learn and practice sexual ethics itself, we are seeking a committed, passionate person to provide leadership for campus rape and other violence prevention education programs, the First Year Experience Seminar and new student orientation programs. Special focus: To teach sexual ethics to males. This includes confronting coercive faculty and staff. Must have proven listening skills (especially experience at taking female students, faculty and staff seriously). Oversee strategic planning, program development and institutional change operations in Campus Housing, Greek Life and Athletics. Act as liaison to Academics. Facilitate trainings for administration, faculty and trustees. Serve as key member of President’s senior administrative team on strategy, mission and institutional change issues. Provide comprehensive master planning of all prevention education programs and related services including building alliances with local rape crisis/domestic violence programs, long-range facility and service requirements, fiscal expectations and staffing needs. Qualifications: Background in feminist theory and common sense. Experience in student development, counseling, rape crisis or related field with social change experience strongly preferred. Male and female applicants encouraged to apply; special training planned appropriate to applicants’ individual and gendered experience. Excellent oral and written communication skills desired. 

Remuneration: Competitive salary and college benefits.

Resumes by July 31, 201? to: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The University of ********* is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer.

I first wrote this and have been distributing it since 1991. 

Do you see any progress?