Trainings and Workshops

HOW TO BRING JOSEPH WEINBERG TO YOUR SCHOOL (College, High School, Middle School, Military Base, Corporation, Corrections Facility, Rape Crisis Center/State Coalition, Conference, or…?

A mesmerizing performer, Joe examines the males that act as models in our formative years and takes a rueful, sometimes comic look at how we stagger into adulthood recovering from their influences. His presentations are full of barbed humor, revelatory dialogue and blunt talk about growing up male. Much like a shaman in tribal cultures, Joe Weinberg performs gender alchemy to help students learn, heal and rebuild a healthy, honest model of themselves as women and men. Now hes telling men’s secrets. To men and anyone who wants to understand men better. You’ve never heard a man talk this way. You’ve never heard anyone talk this way.

Joseph Weinberg & Associates Educational Consultants offers the following Training Institutes:

Rape Prevention Education
Sexual Harassment Prevention Education
Peer Educators Judicial Boards
Fraternity/Sorority Liaison Administrators
Dean of Students Staff Boards of Trustees or Regents
Campus Police Faculty
Residence Life Staff and R.A.’s Athletic Department Staff
Student Affairs Staff Sexual Harassment Policy Committees
Student Government Associations Other Staff
IFC /Panhellenic Employee Unions



Rape Culture: Rape Supportive Myths, Media Images, Language and Laws
Proven Methods for Educating Men About Rape
Student Perpetrator Rehabilitation Education Program
How to Work With Resistant Men
Consent and Communication Skills
The Rape/Alcohol Connection
Masculinity and Homophobia
Male Sexuality
Rape and Racism
Talking With the Parents of Your Students About Rape on Campus

These trainings teach proven techniques for discussing rape with men and women developed in over 650 trainings and workshops presented at colleges, universities and prisons. The programs have been developed by Joe Weinberg, a nationally known rape prevention trainer and speaker. His combination of empathy, honesty, humor and skill in educating about date rape, sexism, gender-role stereotyping, masculinity and homophobia contribute to a non-threatening and thought provoking training environment.

Creation of Educational Materials:

  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Workshop Facilitation Training Manual

“Joe combines a depth of wisdom and understanding of human thought and behavior
with an incisive approach to the issues of sexual power and sexual assault.”

Recent Professional Personnel Trained:

Local: On your campus, for your staff and/or students
Regional: To participants from a consortium of area schools

You will leave the training with much more than new ideas. Each participant/participating school will receive a Joseph Weinberg & Associates Workshop Training Manual. With ideas and materials from the training, you will be able to start new, much needed, programs and improve the effectiveness of your existing programs.

When I come to your college, middle school, high school, military base, corporation, corrections facility, rape crisis center/state coalition, conference or ? I present for up to six hours per day. This will help you reach more of those who vitally need exposure to my information. You get six hours of speaking, workshop presenting, training or other consulting daily. You pay an honorarium plus expenses. Expenses include: round-trip coach airfare, rental car to/from airport, non-smoking lodging and vegetarian meals.

In addition to this unprecedented number of quality hours, you will receive other benefits.

  1. Lifetime subscription to Teaching Sexual Ethics: The Joseph Weinberg & Associates Newsletter
  2. A package of training material and conversation-starting exercises.
  3. A follow-up summary of my visit including suggestions for action on your part.
  4. I consider it to be a part of my contract with your institution to act as a consultant/resource for you after my consulting visit. Via telephone or e-mail, I am glad to discuss educational strategies, policy modification and any other questions that might arise